Goa Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte opens Air India Express Corporate Sports League

PORVORIM, GOA: The Air India Express Corporate Sports League was declared open with the unveiling of the trophies and the official football by Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Goa, Shri. Rohan Khaunte in the presence of Director, Tonia Group, Mario Sequeira, Indian Navy Retired, Mr Anant Joshi, Brand Ambassador of Air India Express Corporate Sports League and Indian badminton player, Anura Prabhudesai, Director, Goalz Events Pvt Ltd, Mr Swarjeet Salagode, and Director, Evergreen County Coorg, Mr Bajan Bopanna, at the Grand Kadama Hotel in Porvorim.

“When we talk about Goa beyond beaches, sports tourism has some role to play. In the last one and a half to two years we have been hosting the Goa Iron Man 17.3, the World Table Tennis, and the International Beach Volleyball Pro in the State of Goa,” said Mr Khaunte, Tourism Minister of Goa.

He further elaborated, “When we look at this opportunity we realise that there is a lot of potential for people to come down to Goa to host meetings, conventions, incentives, entertainment, etc. And a part of that allows you to do a lot of corporate events which allow people to come and spend a little time out of their stressful corporate lives,”

“Air India Express Corporate League having football and badminton tournaments will provide the opportunity for many teams to come across, visit Goa, participate and make friends with a positive spirit and dedication. Sports is all about having ethics, team spirit and many more things which allow you to be a good leader in life,” he added.

Addressing the gathering, Anura Prabhudesai, said, “I am extremely happy to be the brand ambassador of the Air India Express Corporate League. Although they cover all the sports, they are taking a special interest in football and badminton. With Goa being the tourism hub, this is a great initiative to come forward and promote sports as well, badminton is a sport that everybody enjoys and it is all about discipline and teamwork,”

The trophies were then unveiled at the hands of the dignitaries. The Air India Express Platinum Cup was unveiled at the hands of Shri Rohan Khaunte, the Evergreen County Gold Cup by Mr Bajaj Bopanna and the Makabi Silver Cup by Mr Mario Sequeira.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the organisers for giving us the privilege to be a part of this and would like to thank Rajesh for connecting us with Swarjeet and making this possible,” said Mario Sequeira, Director, Tonia Group.

The Air India Express Corporate Sports League will take off in Goa with Goalz Events Pvt. Ltd. Initiatives in a bid to promote sports tourism in Goa. Goa being a tourist destination has unmatched sports personalities and sports grounds.

Understanding the old saying that goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ is important – especially in the corporate world.

The Goalz Events Pvt Ltd, an event management company from Bangalore has organised the ‘Air India Express Corporate Sports League’.

Managed by Swarjeet Salagode, Director, Goalz Events Pvt Ltd, the event aims at boosting workplace morale and creating a sense of teamwork even after working hours.

“We are a sports event management company that has conducted sporting events across the country since 2013, and this particular concept of sports which we are doing is called the ‘Air India Express Corporate Sports League,’ and includes football and corporate badminton,” informed Swarjeet.

“We have these corporate sports on five-a-side football and badminton which will then culminate with the winners coming to Goa for a national finals,” informed Swarjeet.

“In short, it is all about promoting sports. We have been generously supported by Goa Network 7 to promote this particular event,” he said as he thanked Rajesh D’silva, founder of Goa Network 7 PR for promoting the event pan India.

Goalz Unlimited has created an ideal platform. Not only the corporates but their children will be coming down to Goa and getting involved in sports. Which is fantastic as the next generation will lead the country to bigger goals,” said Jordan Vaz, Founder of Goa Estates and representing Tunwal electric bikes.

The Goa Estates is sponsoring the event Pan India and Jordan Vaz, Distributor of Tunwal in Goa has generously sponsored the electric bikes for the event.

The Air India Express Corporate Sports League will be promoting sports tourism with the corporate world of India to create a healthy environment not only physically but professionally too as sports bring out teamwork and winning spirit.

“I would say that Goalz Events Pvt Ltd has done a very good job in supporting sports through the Air India Express corporate league,” said Anura Prabhudesai.

She urged all the employees to give their best and above all, have a good time!

The Goan corporate fraternity too is participating and it’s a wonderful opportunity not only to exchange smashes on the badminton court and swift goals but there is an opportunity for growth in the business sector via sports tourism.

The event is being conducted for corporate employees across 8 different cities such as Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad and Trivandrum.

The Air India Express Corporate Sports League, title sponsored by Air India Express, powered by Acer. The event is also sponsored by Evergreen County, Tonia Group, Goa Estates, Tunwal and Citroen. Goa Network7 PR & Events are the promoters of the event and the media partner is the Open Search National English Daily.

Tips from a professional are sure to come in handy, especially for first-timers. “I would suggest going out in the evenings and playing badminton for an hour to get a hang of the game and don’t forget to switch it up by playing doubles or singles to get a feel of the game,” advised Anura.

Warm-up tips include proper stretching and a bit of running so that you don’t injure yourself. Another tip she shared is to practice your strokes so that you get the touch of the game. When it comes to doubles, teamwork makes the dream work, “take your time to gel with your partner so that there is coordination between you and your partner,” advised Anura.

Since the league is going all over India, her message is “to the players, don’t expect results soon. It takes five to six years to learn even just the basics after which you need to play a minimum of ten tournaments in a year so that there is exposure. Patience is key, and of course, hard work is always the way to success,” she added.

“The whole idea came about way back in 2014 when we realised that the corporates happen to play only in their comfort zone. We wanted to get the teams out of their different states and cities to enjoy the sport and learn from it. Goa is a vibrant city, it welcomes everyone with open arms and when you’re a sportsperson, I don’t think there is a better city that could explain the terminology of sports and fun together,” said Swarjeet.

“The corporate world has changed when it comes to sports. There are a lot of employees who are looking at physical fitness, and Goa is at the helm of our sporting events. Corporates can look at this as an exciting opportunity to come down to Goa and showcase their expertise all while taking a look at the local corporates, that is what the game plan is” he concluded.

The corporates can log onto the website www.goalzunlimited.com and register their teams.

The National Games is a testimony that Goa has professional capabilities and stunning stadiums and grounds with scenic views.

Goa has always been outstanding in the hospitality industry and to add to the glitz and glamour, sports tourism will be a wonderful platform for corporates to network and scout for avenues in Goa besides looking to engage local talent.

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