Apoorv Om Artist NGO has Dstributed Masks, Gloves

Apoorv om Artist  works for Zero hunger and LeaveNoOneBehind by Registering people for Raw food material on Delhi Govt website  distributed masks, gloves, hand wash during survey with Police and volunteers at khalsa school working staff and at Pilanji village, New Delhi for Zero hunger and LeaveNoOneBehind
Today Apoorv Om Artist NGO has distributed Masks, Gloves and soaps to the Sarojini Nagar government Khalsa school to help them in distribution of food and grocery to the people are in need. Since after covid19 epidemic Mr. Apoorv Om, National Awardees 2017 and National Youth Awardees 2019 with AYUSH N CHANDRA, National Awardees 2019, social workers, Meena Saha and Neeraj and other Volunteers of group had visited the school with associates to see the welfare work and feel that the school authorities and others should have more soap, gloves, masks.  After that Apoorv Om National Awardees twice by Govt of India, founder of NGO Apoorv Om Artist and Ayush N Chandra , National Awaree 2019, chair of Apoorv Om Artist, with associates distributed Masks, Gloves and soaps to help frontline warriors fighting against coronavirus covid19 to safe the people of our society as well as aware them about people and volunteers working at Pilanji village about the way to protecting them from coronavirus that they should advise the beneficiaries to wash hands with soaps first and then take the goods and foods from the authority. By using this method both will be safe and no way to spread the coronavirus at that place in the way of distribution in this highly sensitive place.
Earlier everyone know that how the government was suspicious that coronavirus may be spreading from the person distributed food in school.
If the people will first wash their hands and thereafter take food it could be helpful to minimise the chances of infection.
The authority, volunteers as well as police personnel are in need of more help from government about supply of goods and things to serve the people in needs smoothly. Also placed posters at these places which contains aware about epidemic and protect from it.
Apoorv Om Artist NGO has also helped people by registering their name with details on the Delhi government site for availing benefits granted in this coronavirus epidemic as the people are in large numbers who do not have smartphones as well as internet facilities and unaware about handling and filing the forms by helping them so that no one be left Hunger and no one leave behind (unattended) and promote UN SDGs goal Zero Hunger as well as protects human life.
Apoorv Om and Ayush N Chandra are the founders of NGO Apoorv Om Artist and they are doing social work since long without having any financial help from government or others and using their own fund they received MONEY from government of India as NATIONAL AWARDEES and taking help from their parents.
They both are well know activist raising issues about the problems faced by persons in special need and advocating for INCLUSION of Deaf into mainstream from the platform of National and INTERNATIONAL including UN UNESCO ICJ etc

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