Apoorv Om Artist (Trust) webinar on INCLUSION MATTERS on International youth Day

Apoorv Om Artists (Trust) Webinar on Incision Matters on the event of International Youth Day was inaugurated by Swami NikhIleshwarananda, President, Shri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Rajkot, Gujarat in presence of Youth Icon National and National Youth Awardee International Artist, UN SDG Advocate Mr Apoorv Om, Guest of honour Shri Rishi Kumar Vashist,  Director, CCRT, Ministry of Culture GOI, Guest of Shri Vikas Trivedi, Director, Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GOI and Guest of Honour Anil Oran, Regional Director ( North), India Tourism Delhi, Ministry of Tourism, GOI and National Youth Awardees,
Swami Ji advise youth to follow yoga basic ethical guidelines, meditation, path of love and loving God, we can obtain this ability to make peaceful society by following ethical principles love peace distribute peace to keep peace all around the world also appropriate art ideas and work of Apoorv  Om. Swami Ji wish to see
Sarve Bhawantu Sukhina
Sarve Bhawantu Niramaya
Shri Rishi Kumar Vashist Director CCRT states with “Satyagraha se swacchagriha  Tak” Modi ji call and Vasudhev kutumbekam proves by youth in the epidemic as policy made by our PM modi ji for the youth of our nation may lead to Peace with Art and culture.
We have to respect freedom of our country and youth fighters maintain by Youth lead by youth engagement.
 Apoorv om 🧏 proves where there is a will there is a way and wishes apoorv om Artist trust will do the best up to the level of UN UNESCO.
Mr. Rishi also told that the program for this is well planned for the development of youth under the leadership of our loving Prime Minister for next two years with various programs and fellowship.
Shri Anil Oran, Regional Director India Tourism, has highly appreciated the work of Apoorv Om with the word that I salute his work for underprivileged youth and children with vision to create awareness among the Youth and people of the world to bring them into mainstream as well as providing people good health and peace of mind with yoga, art, culture and dance even from the platform of UN UNESCO ICJ IMO London, UNICEF apart from others without any support is unbelievable which no one can. On behalf of Ministry of Tourism I will invite these dignitaries in our program as we invited him to perform yoga on 7th IDY. We appreciate Apoorv Om Artist Trust.
Union with self and Supreme as yoga infinite knowledge is purpose of you with physical health is the word vision of
Apoorv Om person with 100% hearing impairment and having eye disorder Retinitis Pigmentosa states
 about need of INCLUSION of Deaf into mainstream with natural resources yoga dance and modern digital technology solutions along with engagement of youth, is working hard to get his fundamental rights of education and inclusion has became a change maker for society is now lead the youth of our country and represent the community for inclusion even from the platform of INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, UNITED NATIONS and UNESCO to give message to world about INCLUSION also taught and guides children and youth that how the artist with his art can make the society  inclusive with motivation and dedication may cause to put milestone for empowerment of PWDs for peace building
become true. There is a way where there is a will.
Ayush N Chandra, National Awardee, highlights about the need of INCLUSION of deaf and others in mainstream since childhood with the help of Assistive technology to make society inclusive to keep peace and harmony,.
Mr. Onkar Rajiv Navalihalkar
National Youth Awardee 2016-17 by Govt of India told about the need of youth engagement to achieve SDG 2030 and in all epidemic situation in our country.
Around the World INCLUSION is difficult specIally of a DEAF, even a difficult task for UN too, searching a way to overcome  had idea to display board with voice to captioned as well as sign language. But here the another barrier as different countries have different sign language or even in one country have different sign language as they have different languages script etc. All in vain. UN and the entire world are in dark and meetings discussions were going on.
A light sourced on the screen of the hope of UN to solve the crisis, end of waiting, with perfect solutions for INCLUSION as APOORV OM, India’s National Awardees, an invitees to 70th anniversary of ICJ by the President of the International Court of Justice, First Deaf Key-note to UNESCO, an Advocate for UN SDGs, an Internationally recognised innovative artist who’s Artworks exhibits at ICJ, Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands, UNESCO, Paris, UNOV Geneva, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, meeting with  United Nations General Assembly President Mr. Miroslav Lajcak on 9th March, 2018 at UN HQ New York, where IDEAS of Apoorv Om about use of digital
can help globally so that a regular and deaf can study together in a classroom from a teacher at a time with VOICE TO TEXT  WHICH ALSO CLEAR THE BARRIER AMONG DIFFERENT LANGUAGES  IT ALSO BE HELPFUL IN COMMUNICATION EVERY WHERE IN THE SOCIETY and be able to make peaceful Inclusive society.
APOORV OM, who has successfully completed his
 ALL SCHOOLING, IN “INCLUSION” WITHOUT HAVING INCLUSIVE SETTINGS, WHERE HE WAS ONLY DEAF AMONG FORTY STUDENTS IN HIS CLASS  even without Inclusive settings of the educational institution and continued with tireless efforts and performed outstanding by taking admission in School of Planning & Architecture through IIT (JEE), first time by a deaf, as well as become first deaf practices YOGA  having two certificates, performed Yoga with Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 1st International Day of Yoga at Raj path, New Delhi, at UN HQ NY and Times Square New York on the event of 4th IDY as well at Qutub Minar, New Delhi on 5th IDY and 7th IDY at the office of India Tourism Delhi, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Janpath, New Delhi.
having created innovative Yoga with Kathak Dance in INCLUSION performed by Deaf and regular all together at a time, apart from his other National & International achievements as he is the first ever Deaf from around the world became Key-note to the 2nd International Conference on Youth Volunteering and dialogue of UNESCO, 2017 held at Paris on 25-27 September, 2017, and speaker to UN ECOSOC on 8th April, 2019.
Apoorv’s Artwork, Ideas and Works were highly appreciated by the Dignitaries from around the world including Shri N V Ramana, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India apart from other seven CJI, His Excellency Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Hon’ble President of India, His Excellency Mr. Vankayya Naidu, Vice President and Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon & Mr Kofi Annan, President, Vice President and Hon’ble Judges of the International Court of Justice, 72nd & 73rd UN General Assembly Presidents His Excellency Mr. Miroslav Lajcak and Her Highness Ms Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Two UN ECOSOC Presidents Her Highness Ms. Mari Chatridova and Her Highness Ms. Inga Rohanda King, UN Deputy Secretary General Her Highness Ms. Amina J Mohammed, Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General of International Maritime Organisation, London, UK, Mr. Michael Moller, Director General of United Nations office at Geneva, UNESCO DG Ms. Irina Bokova, and DDG  Mr. Getachew Engida, Mr. Oliver Adam, Executive Officer of UNV, Bonn, Germany, Mr. Justice Y. K. J. Yeung Sik Yeun, Chief Justice Mauritius, Chief Justice of Eritrea, Mr. Justice Md. Ibrahim, Chief Justice of Kenya, Mr. Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Chief Justice of Bangladesh, Seven Hon’ble Chief Justices of India, Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir, Mr. Justice P Sada Shivam, Mr. Justice R M Lodha, Mr. Justice T S Thakur, Mr. Justice H L Dattu,  Mr. Justice J S Khehar, Mr. Justice Deepak Mishra, 30 Judges of the Supreme Court of India, His Excellency Mr. P. Sada Shivam, Governor of Kerala, His Excellency Mr. Banwari Lal Purohit, Governors of Assam, His Excellency Mr. Keshri Nath Tripathi, Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Justice N V Ramana, Chief Justices of Delhi High Court, Mr. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. Justice Ajit Singh, Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court, Several Cabinet Ministers of Government Of India, Novel Laureates Mr. Kofi Annan and Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, UN Goodwill Ambassador as well cricket Legend Mr. Sachin Tendulkar apart from others.
He has learmed this art of making Portrait himself, nobody has taught him this art. This art is his passion and he want to use artwork for every luminous of our country and world as per his talent as well take this opportunity to raise issue related to the problem face by Youth, Deaf and specially-able and successful raised from National and International platform including UN, UNESCO, ICJ, IMO and others. He has been doing this since last ten years.
He is also doing social awareness for inclusive education, environment, yoga, art and craft.
Apoorv Om has presented his hand made beautiful excellent Artwork portrait of Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Unlted
Nations Secretary General on 20h April, 2016 at Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands and was honoured with
appreciation by His Excellency.
Apoorv Om is the youngest invited guest of International Court of Justice (UN), where he was presented his hand-make painting of IC] with Portrait of its 15 Judges and presented to
Mr. Ronny Abraham, President; Mr. Abdulqawi Ahmad Yusuf, Vice President, Registrar & Judge Dalveer Bhandari of ICJ on 70h Anniversary of ICJ in April 2016 and the painting exhibits in ICJ, Peace Palace, The Hague. Netherlands.
Apoorv Om has presented his hand-made first ever innovative hanging 3D MODEL of UNESCO Building to Ms. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO on 20-04-2017 at it’s headquarters at Paris, France  exhibits at Main Exhibition Hall, UNESCO HQ, Paris France.
Apoorv Om is also doing hard to bring divyangjan ( specially-able) and the underprivileged children the future youth and youth into mainstream society with the help of the game changer dignitaries from around the world.

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