Apoorv Om Artist and National Youth Awardee request for inclusion in Suggestion for Youth Development to Secretary of Youth Affairs, Govt of India

National Youth Awardee 2016-17 by Govt of India and National Awardee of Persons with Disabilities 2017 by Govt of India, Founder of Apoorv Om Artist (Trust), International Artist, Apoorv Om request to promote inclusion for Youth Development in Inclusion through inclusive settings of organisations under his supervision and offer to render his service for this Holi cause in his meeting with Smt. Usha Sharma, Secretary of the Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India in his meeting with her at Her Office, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi on today (16th March 2021) also presented portrait of her made by Apoorv Om.

He wish to render his services  to this cause. It’s his path of journey and his this work has been well appreciated by the ICJ where I was invited by the President of international Court of Justice, Netherlands UNESCO, UNOG Geneva, UNGA President, UNICEF, President, Vice President and Hon’ble Prime Minister of India as well as Seven Chief Justices of India, Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts of India, and due to doing work and advocacy for inclusion to bring all including deaf into the mainstream GOI awarded me with National Award for Empowerment of Person with Disabilities (Divyangjan) 2017 by Govt of India in the category of role model and National Youth Award 2016-17 by Govt of India. My Innovative Artworks to promote inclusion are exhibit at International Court of Justice The Hague, UNESCO HQ Paris, United Nations Office at Geneva, Supreme Court of India etc. I wish to see our country may be the first from around the world to create inclusive Youth and inclusive settings of youth organisation in inclusion where a regular and person are in special needs including deaf can participate in youth sports event in our country may be a mile stone achievement for the World.

Our Apoorv Om Artist Trust has performed Yoga with Kathak dance performed by regular and deaf youth and children all together under one music in Inclusion from many government platforms.

I have studied in a regular school Navy Children School Chankyapuri where I was only deaf among forty regular students till 12th standard also successfully completed two certificate courses in yoga.

The 72nd UN General Assembly President assured me to promote my ideas and work towards inclusion From the platform of UN in our official meeting on March 8th 2018 at UN HQ New York. Apoorv Om earlier meet with former two Secretaries of the Department of Youth Affairs, Govt of India, Dr. A.K. Dubey (2016/2018) and Mrs. Upma Chawdhry (2019).

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