International Museum Day 2022

APOORV OM”S Innovative Artwork Hanging 3D Model of Buildings Architecture exhibits at Museum of Supreme Court Of India

On International Museum Day on 18th May 2022 APOORV OM”S Innovative Artwork Hanging 3D Model of Buildings Architecture exhibits at Museum of Supreme Court Of India and Main Exhibition Hall of UNESCO HQ, Paris are glorifying the essence of Art from young Indian Artist.

Apoorv Om has presented the innovative 3D Model of Supreme Court of India Building Architecture to the then Chief Justice of India, Justice H.L. Dattu, exhibits at  Museum of Supreme Court of India, New Delhi January, 2015.
The Director General of UNESCO Ms Irina Bokova was kind enough to invite Apoorv Om, meet with him, accept his hand made  artwork innovative 3D Model of UNESCO building Architecture on 20th April 2017 at UNESCO HQ, Paris This vertically Hanging 3D models exhibits in Main Exhibition Hall at UNESCO HQ, Paris. He made the innovative 2D / 3D Model of Building Architecture with light and environment by using mixed materials.

A 10 years of journey of a innovative Artist and Activist works to make inclusive society, through his Art, a natural gift of almighty to Apoorv Om, A person with Disabilities, Deaf and Mute,  learn art and artwork himself from New Delhi. He has drawing artwork using mixed media art, artwork portrait, artwork heritage building, painting indian culture, any painting, 3D models of building architecture, Design art of greetings card by using Shading pencil, artist colour pencils, Artist colour crayon, watercolor, Sketch Pen, Oil pastels, special papers, making model materials, art materials etc.

His unique idea to make portrait of Dignitaries with painting of the architectural design building of the concern Dignitaries is speciality of his Art.
Apoorv has interest in art since childhood able to realised the Fragrance of art and artwork since 2011. He has drawn the artwork of Indian culture and historical heritage building and india personalities by using mixed colour art. He has been visiting to heritage and Culture Art centre in India and abroad since 2011. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi blessed Apoorv with meeting honoured  by accepting his portrait made by him on 1st International Day of Yoga at New Delhi in 2015.

The Vice President of India Vankaiah Naidu also appreciate Artwirk of Apoorv Om, accept the same in meeting with Apoorv at his residence in September 2017.

The art can be assessed through the path of his journey, to “work for inclusion”,  able to find a source of light to achieve target to bring Deaf into the mainstream through his artwork which enabled him to share his vision  about inclusion from the platform of International Court of Justice ( Netherlands) , UNESCO (Paris) ,  UN HQ, New York, UNOG (Geneva) , IMO (London), The Supreme Court of India and his artwork was appreciated by the Dignitaries from around the world including United Nations Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon and Mr Kofi Annan, President, Vice President and Hon’ble Judges of ICJ, DG UNESCO, UNGA President, UN ECOSOC  President, Vice President and Prime Minister of India, Chief Justices of India as well as some of his special artwork and 3D Model of UNESCO building  exhibits at UNESCO HQ Paris, France, ICJ, Netherlands, UN office at Geneva, Supreme Court of India is inspired the world for Inclusion.

His Highness Hon’ble President of India and Government of India appreciated his Artwork , ideas as “Role Model” Awarded Apoorv with NATIONAL Award for empowerment of person with Disabilities in 2017 and NATIONAL Youth  Award  of 2016-17 in 2019, President of ICJ honoured him on 70th anniversary of International Court of Justice in 2016, UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon in 2026, DG UNESCO honoured him in 2017, DG UNOG in 2017, UNSG Kofi Annan in 2017,  UN General Assembly President meet him on March 9, 2018 at UN HQ New York.

I have had the occasion to present the few of my special paintings of Buildings I.e. International Court Of Justice (UN) , United Nations Office at Geneva, and as well as His Innovations the 3D Model of Buildings Architecture in Museum at UNESCO HQ, and of The Supreme Court of India at its Museum India. And Many Portraits of eminent International & National personalities I.e Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi, The Vice President of India Vankaiah Naidu, United Nations Secretary Generals Ban Ki-moon and Kofi Annan, United Nations Deputy Secretary General Amina J Mohammed, 72nd  and 73rd Presidents of United Nations General Assembly Miroslav Lajacak and Maria Fernanda Espinosa, President of United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) Marie Chatrodova, President of International Court of Justice Ronny Abraham, Vice President of ICJ, Judges of International Court of Justice, Director General of UNESCO, Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Secretary General of International Maritime Organisation, Head of United Nations Youth Envoy, Executive Director of UNICEF, DDG of UNESCO, ADG of UNESCO, Many UN Leaders, Vice President of India, Prime Minister of India, eight Chief Justices of India, four Chief Justices of Countries, Cabinet Ministers of India, Ministers of Countries, Governors of States of India, Judges of Supreme Court of India, Chief Justices of States of India, Chief of the Naval Staff India, Many leaders of Govt of India apart from others and many more within my long Ten Years Anniversary of Art Journey .

The President of ICJ Ronny Abraham was kind enough to invite Apoorv Om on 70th anniversary of International Court of Justice and there accept his Special Artwork (Painting of Peace Palace with the Portrait of all 15 Judges of ICJ) in April, 2016 at Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands and placed the artwork in International Court of Justice, with Vice President of ICJ Abdulqawi Yusuf, Judge of ICJ Dalveer Bhandari and Registrar of ICJ. Apoorv Om has presented the painting  of Palais Des Nations UNOG building to The Director General of United Nations Office at Geneva Michael Moller  at UNOG HQ, Palais Des Nations, Geneva on September 29,0 2017.

This art is Apoorv Om passion and He want to use artwork for every luminous of our countries and world as per his talent and doing since the last 10 years for the empowerment and inclusion of person with hearing impairment to bring them into mainstream of society. When we express our thoughts in artwork on hard surface, our true feelings are expressed which are associated with spirituality. It inspires others to access their ability by finding out inner strength. The instant effect through an artwork provides power to the branches of our brain.

Apoorv Om teaches through Apoorv om Artist trust to the children and youth of underprivileged society Yoga and Artwork and making model building for Empowerment of Peace and Inclusion of the Global Goals Of United Nations and SDGs. National Awardee, appreciated by world dignitaries International Artist for Peace Apoorv Om achieving these in completion of ten years of his art journey.

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